Agathopes, organized secular shady beach with an array of water sports.

Azolimnos, organized shady east sandy beach with restaurants and bars.

Vineyards, South Beach with sand and pebbles.
Armeos or St. Pakou beach to the left of the bay Galissas and down the hill of Saint Pakous, loyalty of nudists.

Pear, organized shaded south beach.

Galissas, the largest and best organized shady beach with an array of water sports on the island.

Dolphin, idyllic west coast with sand and pebbles with restaurant and bar.

In Ermoupolis, the pebble beaches of St. Nicholas (in the district Vaporia), the “amount to five shillings,” the “Vangelidi”, the “Waves”.

Kini, picturesque sandy beach with breathtaking sunsets, restaurants and bars.

Red, short windward sand and pebbles in the southwest of the island near Phoenix.

Committees, a small windward shaded sand and pebbles.

Lotus windward small bay with sandy beach shaded in the village, 1km south of Kini.

Megas Gialos, organized beaches with sand and pebbles with small quiet shady creeks.

Big hug, secluded beach on the island or donkey Lantern (ancient twin) opposite Ermoupolis, access is possible only by boat.

Delagratsia, organized a small popular beach with sand and pebbles.

Santorini, small secluded quiet beach with sand and pebbles in the south of the island.

Fabrica, quiet little secluded beach with sand and pebbles in the south of the island.

Phoenix, well organized southwest sand and pebbles.Taverns, bars and well-equipped yacht haven.

Fokiotrypa, a small deserted rocky beach. Access from the beach Azolimnos is a path to progress for 15 minutes.

Northwest Beaches– Access is by boat or hiking with an organized, essential guide,
from Ano Mera:
Barbara, Eagle, Smooth, Letters, Grand Lakos, Marmari, Groove.